Your House 101

Here’s the thing about homeownership, apartment dwelling, even room renting – this is your domain. This is your vacation spot, your castle, your safety net. And no matter how you describe “your home” it needs to represent you.

This blog is devoted to showing you, teaching you, guiding you through the steps you can take to make your home the greatest place on earth. Regardless of it’s size or your wallet. Hey we can’t all afford to take a luxe vacation to the Alps or even a bikini-clap trip to Mexico. But we C.A.N learn some basic skills to create the perfect sanctuary within reach. Forget the perfect 5 day get-a-way. I want a 365 day retreat!

I turned my 1000 sq. ft. prefab home into a charming cottage style home. It’s adorable and did not break the bank. In upcoming blogs I will share some photos I hope will inspire you. In the meantime, I am taking questions. So post away and let’s not waste another minute!


Because Attention to Detail is a Woman's Speciality